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Building our Fishing Future

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National conversation brought a fresh look…

The FISHinFuture Search event in February 2013 was an opportunity for a cross section of NZ recreational fishers and others with interest in sustainable fishing to share ideas, find common ground and identify a way forward for our recreational fishing in New Zealand.

The event was the first and crucial step in a journey to ensure recreational fishers in New Zealand have an abundant future. It has set a strong foundation for the plan that will keep us fishing. In a world where many fish stocks are under pressure and competition for those stocks in increasing – it is vital that we take action and step up to stewardship. That journey has begun.

All participants in the FISHinFuture Search event agreed on the following common ground statements:

ThemeCommon ground statement
Sustainable fisheries We ensure a healthy marine environment enjoyed by all.
Community buy-in and supportWe all take pride in an abundant and healthy marine environment when our community extends Manaakitanga* over our fisheries and oceans.
Unity across the rec.fishing sectorWe believe in unity and inclusion within the recreational fishing community.
Equity of accessWe strive to ensure equity of access through stakeholder engagement.
Education We ensure New Zealanders understand and value our marine environment and it’s resources so we can all be responsible for a better future.
GovernanceWe are a recognised representative and accountable body that promotes and protects responsible recreational fishing.
Sustainable fundingWe create an independent and sustainable income stream to achieve our aspirations and meet our responsibilities.
CommunicationWe create a comprehensive strategy and a network to communicate with members, stakeholders, media and other interested parties.


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